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ADA Ramps for Stages

Posted by Shalina Wozny on Nov 14, 2019 8:06:05 PM
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ADA ramps are needed and commonly found outside of homes, businesses, and connected to stages. Especially for those once a year gatherings like graduations, events, and award shows - you need accessibility. We specialize in providing ADA Ramps for stages. In fact, we provide the whole system: ADA ramps, stages, and carts to transport the equipment in. You'll find everything you need with us, creating a seamless system that is made to work together. 

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ADA Ramps and Stage


  1. Our ADA ramps are first and foremost compliant with ADA compliance regulations. We know how important that factor is when purchasing ADA ramps. Important details about our ADA ramps to fit your needs are below: 

    Ramps are available from 8” to 72”  high

    Easy to set up and offer versatile configuration options - straight or curved 

    Secure guardrails provide safety and assistance

    The incline of the assembled ramp does not exceed 1″ per linear foot

    The ramp has a 6’x8′ landing/switch back at every 24″ height

    The decks on our ramp systems are reversible with a black safety tread quadruple surface

    The system is easy to install with no single component weighing more than 100 pounds

ADA Ramps and Stage Full Picture

  1. Our stages that connect to the ADA ramps have dimensions that are customizable based on your needs. The breakdown of possible ranges and dimensions are below: 

    Sizes can range from (6′ x 6′) (4′ x 8′) and (40′ x 40′) or larger

    Available in fixed heights of 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″ and 32″

    Available in adjustable heights of (12-16″) (16-24″) and (24-32″)

    Accommodates portable decks measuring (4’x8′) (4’x6′) (4’x4′) (3’x8′) (3’x6′) and (2’x8′)

If you need an estimate to determine if this staging system will meet your needs, feel free to watch the video below to understand setup and fill out our get a quote form so that we can provide you with an offer. 



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