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After You Choose Your Stage, What Now?

Posted by Shalina Wozny on Jun 28, 2017 3:15:00 PM
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Now that you've chosen your portable stage, now what? I'm pressuming you've picked a stage that is just right for your audience. Now that you've considered the technical side, how do you make the stage have that "wow factor"? 

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This blog post gave me the inspiration for this post, with many wonderful ideas. The ones I liked are:

  • If you can't go up, go wide
  • Cover it up
  • Skip heavy lighting features

1. If you can't go up, go wide - use the whole room to emphasize the main stage. Take advantage of the smaller decor elements around the room. This is when small events have a big impact by the little touches you can make all around the room to tie it together. Alot of the events I put on, involve the smallest touches on a small budget. You don't need a big budget to achieve the success you want. 

2. Cover it up - with carpet, or fabric. We offer stage deck surface options for you to choose from before you buy the stage. It'll help with the wear and tear over the years and prolong the life of your stage. You can always put a fabric over the stage as you continually use it for productions. The simplicity of a cover-up can go a long way to make the stage feel new and brighter. 

3. Skip heavy lighting features - you don't always need big to equal wow. Smaller stages generally mean smaller decorative items, as well as lighting features. I just learned this by reading Jenny Berg's article on it. You can use small lights in specific places to give a unique look to your production. Be different instead of like everyone else - use your creativity. 

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