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The Benefits of Community Groups: 101

Posted by Shalina Wozny on Oct 10, 2018 2:30:00 PM
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Many of my peers in the mid-20s age group notice having a hard time making friends. When we were in school, we had an automatic community of people we saw every day. Now in jobs, we have a group of people we interact with and connect with week to week.

But with the absence of show choir, leadership clubs, music groups, and sports teams automatically provided to us, we need to now go out and seek these groups ourselves.

What do you do to further connect with people?

How do you meet new people outside of work?

I specifically asked and answered all of these question by surveying people in the mid-20s age bracket. I chose this topic as my research project within one of my master's classes in the sociology field. The solution to these questions were to attend a workshop on first how to know yourself and how you connect and then providing events to connect with others. My professor and I found out that this method can apply to any stage of life, even past your mid-20s.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas already around you that do not involve attending a workshop (unless you're a lifelong learner). 

  1. Community Groups put on by the local Parks and Recreation Department in your city
  2. A local orchestra, choir, or band that has community members as performers 
  3. Attending festivals/trivia nights/specialized events in your area based on what you enjoy
  4. Join a fitness/yoga/boot camp class

What we want to provide extra focus on is the community choir and band groups option. Music is our speciality and we love to see adults engaging and expressing their musical talents. 

We'd like to spotlight Jane Marsilio who wrote a blog post on the 10 Benefits of Joining a Community Band, coming from a person who has 5 community music groups. 

The benefits include plug you into a community, providing a space for networking, and a space to practice extended techniques. Check out her blogpost to explore new avenues for yourself.

If you're a community leader/organizer and you need solutions for portable staging for your community groups and events, we can help with providing you a quote. We have a list of uses for staging equipment for events/entertainment purposes. 

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